Tony and His Driver Jill

Jill carried Tony into the CSU destress event for HABIC this winter and immediately drew a crowd. Orange, calm and regal Tony the therapy kitty had arrived. With such an usual occupation I knew I had to interview Jill about the fabulous life of Tony. He's the most...

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Therese Monkeys Around

Therese Kopiwoda shares a hysterical childhood tale of an unusual family pet in the Tales with Tails Podcast. Therese and I met on-line in her livestream group #PetLoversTribe a few years ago. While that group is now dissolved we all still stay in contact and are...

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Jess & Lupe

Jess gushes about their very special chihuahua, Lupe, in this Tales with Tails Podcast episode. Jess and Mat have fostered 46 pups over the years but Lupe is the only pup to join the fam permanently. Jess relates the tale of Lupe's journey to their home, how Lupe...

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Cheesy Riedi

Season 2 of the Tales with Tails podcast kicks off with my first interview! Tricia Clement's shares her tale of baby Riedi being very cheesy.  I met Tricia way back in the #PetLoversTribe and PetScopeTV days. We livestreamed with other pet lovers every day...

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Tales with Tails Origin Story

Tales with Tails podcast episode 10 wraps up season one! But what is the origin story of the "Tales with Tails" idea? January of 2018 I lamented to my mentor Cheryl that I felt like my business was missing something. All seemed to be rolling along smoothly with the...

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