My Heart Dog Libby – Tales with Tails

My Heart Dog Libby - Tales with Tails A sick little puppy visited the veterinary hospital I managed nearly every day in the spring of 2002. The other two pups in her litter were doing great but she was struggling. This 2 pound poodle would rest in my pocket during her...

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Podcast Premier

Tales with Tails podcast coming soon! Do all of your tales have tails? Mine too! We all enjoy a funny story, an uplifting account or a sweet childhood memory involving animals. That's what I will be sharing on the podcast. As a lifelong animal lover like you and as a...

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Mutt Dog Show

2018 Mutt Dog Show at Wolverine Farm Letterpress & Publick House although a bit chilly had an impressive turnout.  Two dozen dogs paraded across the lawn in costumes, did special tricks or showed off excellent obedience skills. Kids throughout the audience...

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