Foster Dog Family Photos

Animal House Rescue and Grooming is a small facility doing big things for the dogs of our community and surrounding shelters. Volunteers are a huge reason Animal House is so successful in placing dogs in fur-ever homes.
One day this fall I met Steve Inman. He saw me photographing dogs at the shelter and mentioned scheduling his dog Jake for a photo session. Steve volunteers as a foster dog home and wanted me to photograph his foster dogs as part of his family too.
We picked a date for after the holidays and I came over with my full studio set up.

pet photography in Fort Collins, Colorado

Steve and Jake Silver Paw Studio

We started with images of just Steve and then added Jake his black Australian shepherd. When Jake looked up at Steve I could see the loving connection between the two. Jake has been Steve’s buddy through thick and thin and I could see it in their eyes.

Kiara and Kovu, Steve and Jake’s foster dogs, had their moment of fame too. They proved to be pretty squirmy and and fairly disinterested in anything but Steve.  But, we managed to bribe them into the set for several handsome images.

Wrangling everyone together for the grand finale really put Steve’s arm reach and balancing powers to the test! We managed to set Kiara & Kovu on one side and Jake on the the other with Steve trying to wrap his arms around everyone. The collage below tells the story pretty well.

dog photography Fort Collins, CO

Steve and Jake Silver Paw Studio

Steve’s dedication to his foster charges is exemplary. When he is on the road the first stop after the airport is to pick them up at the shelter. They have grown and learned so much by being in a loving home environment.
Just this week Kiara & Kovu were matched with a permanent home! I have to think that all the time they spent with Steve and Jake were a major contribution to their adoption.
It is such an honor to work with a passionate animal advocate. Thank you Steve & Jake for all you do for our furry community!


Awkward Christmas Card

Meany Family Silver Paw Studio

Meany Family Silver Paw Studio

Katie contacted me with an idea to create an Awkward Family Photo Christmas card.

So we met over coffee and planned our shenanigans. Floating heads, elf hats, ugly sweaters, and a laser light background were all on the list.

Katie scoured the city and found Cali, the border collie mix, and Mowgli her new kitty, colorful Christmas outfits for the occasion.

Everyone behaved well for the photo session at their house. Mowgli squirmed a bit and wandered away a couple of times but overall looked fabulous. Cali was eager to please for the whole session. We did manage to get one photo of the three of them together.

I created four different options for the Christmas cards. After some deliberation Katie decided on this card with the black background and cross stitch font.

As their Christmas card says, “Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal.”

Meany Family Christmas Card Front Silver Paw Studio

Meany Family Christmas Card

Merry Awkward Christmas everyone!


Hawk the Hero

My voicemail message on December 2nd went something like this: “Hi this is Bill. We are standing in Wagz pet store in Old Town looking at your display. We are in town for a few days and wondered if we could schedule a session for our dog.”

Hawk is an 11 year old German Shepherd very special to not only Bill and Lois but the entire County of Clinton in Iowa.

Hawk is a certified Search and Rescue Dog, police dog, and therapy dog. He and his brothers, Strider and Deker, work cases such as robbery, drowning, missing children, and cold cases to name just a few.

During Hawk’s normal swim at the local dog therapy pool Bill noticed Hawk’s nose bleeding. After exams and testing the veterinarian diagnosed Hawk with a cancer in his snout. The Halls jumped on-line to research their treatment options. Colorado State University (CSU) offered a three day treatment instead of several weeks. Everyone loaded into the truck for the 850 mile trip from Iowa.

Once in Fort Collins they checked in at CSU where they realized he could have permanent scaring, he may not react well to anesthesia, or the treatment may not be 100% effective. That’s when they decided to call me. “This could be his last professional portrait,” said a choked up Bill.

Of course we immediately scheduled a session that afternoon at a local park. We chose this setting as it represented terrain he would typically work in. At least one of the images will be on his official Sheriff’s office trading cards in the near future.

Hawk Search and Rescue Hero

Hawk Search and Rescue Hero

Hawk did fantastic. He had no idea he was even ill. The setting sun made him glow next to the river and in the field. His badge shone proudly nestled in his brown and black fur.

We met the next day while Hawk underwent his first treatment. They told me all about his job, the cases he’s worked, and the amazing community they live, work & volunteer in.

Bill and Lois are truly inspiring. Their enthusiasm for the dogs and their work knows no bounds. I could have sat chatting with them all evening. I feel so blessed to have worked with such a magnificent family.

I am happy to report that Hawk breezed through his treatments and the drive home with absolutely no upsets!

Hawk will be returning for a recheck at CSU this spring and we have already planned to meet up. Be watching for future updates!

Click here for a video from 2012 showcasing Hawk with Bill and Lois as a Hy-Vee Hero.


Papillon Partners

The Papillon is “One of the oldest of the toy spaniels, it derives its name from its characteristic butterfly like look of the long and fringed hair on the ears,” Wikipedia.

Poppy could almost flutter through her Pacific Northwest country acreage. In contrast is her brother, Cholo, with short wispy hair adorning his ears.

Introducing Poppy Silver Paw Studio

Poppy the Papillon

Poppy is a new member of the Hosey household. After a two year battle with heart disease Cholo’s older sister, little Jewel, passed away this summer. Being an only child did not suit Cholo so along came Poppy.

Papillon, dog photographer, Fort Collins, CO

Cholo is a big brother Silver Paw Studio

Poppy loves her new country home and regularly explores while everyone is tending to plants and chores on nice days. She adjusted quickly to her doting retired pup parents. Her space on the bed is claimed, she settles in on a lap for afternoon naps, and eagerly inhales her gourmet meals. Meeting her new brother went so smoothly I would think she had been a fixture of the family for years.

Being a new addition we didn’t know how she would do in a photo studio set up at home. We had nothing to worry about, a few tasty treats had her sitting pretty in every image. She even sat patiently next to her squirmy brother.

Welcome Poppy!

Papillon Partners Silver Paw Studio

Cholo & Poppy Papillons

Do you have a new addition to your furry, feathered, or fuzzy family? Why should human babies have all the limelight? Consider a photography session to announce your new arrival! We can even design announcement cards.


Rawls Family Shihtzu Sweety

Rawls Family Silver Paw Studio Blog

Rawls Family

Have you ever bought a new car and suddenly noticed that model all over town?

I think that is what it’s like with animal lovers. Somehow we are attuned to each other. Maybe it’s the “Wag More, Bark Less” bracelet, or the pet lovers license plates, or the “Wipe Your Paws” welcome mat. For me it’s the way someone lights up when you mention animals.

When I met Ashley at a business event I wore my Monique Renee Photography polo shirt (parent company of Silver Paw Studio). The moment I mentioned pet photography her eyes lit up and for the next 20 minutes we swapped pet stories. The story of Miss Bliss instantly tugged at my heart.

Spring of this year Ashley found Miss Bliss at Animal House Rescue here in Fort Collins. She fell in love with the little special needs shihtzu and whisked her home to her boyfriend Mike and Maltese Rambo.

Everyone knew Miss Bliss came with a liver issue and had her on special medication. But Miss Bliss kept feeling worse so Ashley took her in for an MRI. Bleak news of a liver shunt made it clear that she would have only months left in her new family.

Ashley and Mike showered her with love, attention, and medical care. During her photo session she wore the cutest little skirt diaper. When they had to work long days “grandma” would spoil the dogs. Rambo taught Miss Bliss the joy of carrots as treats.

By October she had taken a turn for the worse and wasn’t expected to make it through the weekend. We canceled the photo session and held our breath for her to perk up. She bounced back for a few days so we scheduled for November 7th. Unfortunately by November 5th she completely lost her sight and Ashley and Mike made the difficult decision to let her go. We all arranged our schedules to photograph her that night.

I set up my studio in the entry of their home and gently curled Miss Bliss on a fluffy pillow and soft blanket. Rambo sat next to her for a couple images and at the end the whole family sat together. She enjoyed one last carrot and lots of loves from everyone.

Two weeks later I met with Ashley to show her all the images. She chose this nice trio to display in her home. Everyone is adjusting to the absence of Miss Bliss but she will never be forgotten.

As Silver Paw Studio I offer a special portrait session for hospice care pets. The Family Jewel Session is tailored especially for elderly or infirmed pets generally near the end of their life. As a pet lover I know every moment is cherished from puppy hood through the golden years. Please call me if you have a pet you would like one last portrait session with.


Free Halloween Pet Portraits

Join me this Thursday & Friday for Free Halloween Pet photos!

Digital images will be available to share on Facebook. 5×7 printed images are available for a $15 donation to the Food Bank of Larimer County.

Our non-spooky fall themed photo booth will be at Friendship Hospital for Animals located at 1103 Oak Park Drive just south of Harmony on Lemay.

Bring your pet by for a photo (you can be in the photo too!) , a goody bag, and help out the Food Bank of Larimer County.

Thursday & Friday, October 30th & 31st from 10:00 to 2:00.

Look for the sign for Monique Renee Photography, Silver Paw’s parent company!

See you there!

Halloween Pet Portraits Poster

Free Halloween Pet Portraits!



Canine Massage Fort Collins

Devon Divine K9 Massage Silver Paw Studio

Divine K9 Massage

In my search for businesses to work with in our community Devon’s business intrigued me. Dog massage? Is that a thing?  I had to meet her. Between clients and projects we met over lunch in Fort Collins.

When I think of massage I think of humans laying face down on a table while the palm of the masseuse firmly kneads knots out of your muscles. Since I have a very elderly dog with painful arthritis I wondered how massage worked. Her answer surprised me, “a light touch”.

Devon came to my house with her massage table and set up in the living room. She wrote information in his chart and carefully felt him all over. While lightly assessing him she noted his weight loss, slightly swollen glands, and a lump near his ribs. Our veterinarian has noted all these ailments but Devon’s concern prompted me to email Dr. Smith with an update. Even though Papy is nearly deaf she talked him through each step, comforting him and encouraging him. He did very well and I think secretly liked being “up on the furniture”. She left me with a specific area that I could gently work on at home and assurance that everything is tracked in his chart for future reference.

Her work enthralled me so much I forgot to snap even a cell phone image! But, I did have an opportunity for photos a few weeks before Papy’s massage. She and Kalia, her Alaskan Malamute, met me at Legacy Park for a photo session. We chose to stay near the river and utilize the bridge, riverside, sunflowers, and the open field. Kalia posed regally for all of her images. Only once did she try to suddenly explore an interesting critter in the field. I always suggest images of the owner / pet parent with their pet. The love Devon has for Kalia shines through in the pictures of the two of them together. In Devon’s words “Only a Mamma and her girl can have this kind of bond.” I especially love the image of Devon’s face framed by Kalia’s ears.

Teaming up with local businesses who are passionate about animals and their work is so rewarding. Devon’s compassion and giving spirit are inspiring; I look forward to working with her and watching her business thrive in the years to come.

Devon is a certified Canine Massage Therapist through The Lang Institute for Canine Massage and is also a Certified Veterinary Assistant through Front Range Community College. You can reach her at her business Divine K9 Massage.

Malamute Field Silver Paw Studio

Compassionate Pet Parent Silver Paw Studio-6


Cattle Dogs Enjoying Horsetooth in Fort Collins

Horsetooth Reservoir at Lory State Park is the place to go to beat the summer heat.  An early morning romp with Diego & Daisy started my day last Tuesday. By 9:00 we arrived at the trailhead and meandered our way to a shady area. They knew tennis balls and splashing in the lake were next on the agenda but tried so hard to pose patiently for formal portraits. We wanted the dogs clean and dry for these images before letting them loose to run in the mud! Being the well-mannered pups they are the formal photos only took a few minutes.

Cattle Dogs at Horsetooth Blog 1 Silver Paw Studio

Daisy is a new addition to this family but quickly took her place as little sister to Diego. Don’t they look like they’ve been together forever?

Cattle Dogs at Horsetooth Blog 2 Silver Paw Studio

After about 30 minutes we took them down to the water. These two cattle dogs love their playtime! Tennis balls, water, mud, and grass flew all around.

Their adorable friends “the minis” joined in the fun too. Faith and Kenna are miniature Australian shepherds who regularly meet up with Diego and Daisy for playtime. I had a blast sitting in the grass photographing all the antics. I’m pretty sure the four of them had a fun time also.

Cattle Dogs at Horsetooth Blog 3 Silver Paw Studio

Diego and Daisy are livin’ the good life with a devoted pet parent. Anisha is the proud mom of Diego and Daisy and a good friend of mine. This summer she begins school at Colorado State University (CSU) in the Veterinary program! In a few short years we will all be addressing her as Dr. Anisha. So exciting!

Thanks everyone for an entertaining day at the park!

PS: They have a little kitty sister that I will be photographing soon too.

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Young Dog & Elderly Cat Photo Session

On a hot summer day the last thing you want to do is take a young dog and elderly cat outside to be photographed!

Luckily for Podrick and Aislinn, we set up the studio in the comfort of their home. Liana & Sherman graciously invited me to their house to photograph their pets. We even surprised Sherman with a family photo!

Podrick is a young, active English Shepherd. From the moment I walked in he curiously sniffed out all my equipment, if he could talk he may have even offered to help set up! It only took a few minutes to set up and soon Podrick was munching on his favorite treats and posing handsomely for the camera.

Sanders Family Silver Paw Studio-4  Sanders Family Silver Paw Studio-7  Sanders Family Silver Paw Studio-9


Aislinn strolled in after her nap to check out her new surroundings. Since the living room had been transformed into a studio she made sure everything met her approval. She checked around behind the backdrop and generally criss-crossed the scene. Look at the images below and guess her age.

Sanders Family Silver Paw Studio-15   Sanders Family Silver Paw Studio-17   Sanders Family Silver Paw Studio-19

Did you guess 17 years? I didn’t either! We took it slowly with her, letting her wander in and out of the studio. We broke out her favorite treats, which she actually loved! By the time we moved on to a whole family photo she started to tell us she was about done.

I managed to take a couple family portraits before Aislinn called it a wrap.

Sanders Family Silver Paw Studio-22   Sanders Family Silver Paw Studio-26

The whole session from set up to everything back in the car took only an hour.

You may know Liana from her business Sidehill Sitters. They provide quality pet care for the Fort Collins and Loveland, Colorado areas. Services include pet sitting, dog walking, hospice visits and poop scooping. Liana is a graduate of Colorado State University (CSU) with degrees in biology and zoology, she teaches pet CPR, is certified by the National Association for Professional Pet Sitters and has extensive volunteer experience. Let’s just say she knows animals!

A big Thank You to Liana and Sherman for inviting me to photograph their delightful pets!


Premier Pet Photography in Fort Collins, Co

Welcome to Silver Paw Studio! I specialize in on-location and studio pet photography. Although located in Fort Collins, Colorado I am available to travel locally around Northern Colorado to Loveland, Greeley, Cheyenne. Two to three times per year I travel to Grand Junction, Colorado and Moab, Utah. Once to twice a year I travel to the Portland, Oregon area. So if you need pet portraits (dog, cat, bunny, horse, etc) in any of these areas please call me!

If you are looking for a new furry family member I post images of adoptable dogs from Animal House Rescue & Grooming every Thursday on the Silver Paw Studio Facebook and Instagram pages.

I look forward to meeting you and your animal companions!