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Gift Certificates & Studio Credit Available On-Line Now!

Want a gift certificate for that special someone? Is that special someone you? Would you like a studio credit toward product from a past session? 

Good news! We now have Gift Certificates Available here on the website! 

Gift Certificate and Studio Credit

Simply choose your amount and you will be directed towards a page to enter a personalized note.

From there I will email you the custom gift certificate you can email or print.

Thank you!


Cat Photography 101 Sale

Cat Photography 101 SaleDrum roll please….Cat Photography 101 is now available!

15 page e-book

60 minutes of video instruction

only $49!

This course is perfect for Bloggers, cat rescues and fosters, and cat lovers everywhere.

Even if you are an experience photographer you will learn my tricks for the unique subject of our feline friends. Cats have specific challenges and needs that differ widely from photographing anything or anyone else.

Topics covered:

  1. Top 3 Pet Photography Tips Before Ever Picking Up a Camera
  2. Choosing Cameras. dSLR vs cellphone
  3. Backgrounds. Environment vs “studio”
  4. Lighing. Natural, continuous, and speedlight
  5. Camera settings
  6. Attention Grabbers. Taste/Smell, Visual, Audio
  7. 5 Go-To Images to build your portfolio
  8. Post Production tips and apps
  9. Extras

Have your notepads ready, this course is jam packed with tips, resources and examples!



Cat Photography 101

You Can Learn How to Photograph Cats! Cat Photography 101

Ever wondered how the pros can get such stunning photos of cats?

This how-to course covers safety, backgrounds, cameras and settings, lighting, composition, post production and more.

This course is ideal for Bloggers, Rescue & Foster Cat Parents, and Cat Lovers.

Cat Photography 101 Course now on Pre-Sale!

Only $49 for over 45 minutes of video instruction and a 7 page .pdf e-book!

Pre-Sale here or click the shopping cart.

Release date is September 2016, but I am opening pre-sales now as part of the #PetLoversTribe Summer Shopping Event. All sales on Sunday, August 7th will have 5% of the proceeds donated to Fort Collins Cat Rescue Spay/Neuter Clinic.

Buy Now (1)

Special Thank You to The PetScope TV for hosting the August 7th event on Periscope!

Join this specific Cat Photography 101 list for notifications!

Have a question about cat photography you would like to see in this course or a future course? Please email me at Thanks!



Story Keepers (aka Albums)

story keeper album shelf

Guess which boxes were unpacked first in my new home?

Did you guess photo albums? Ding! Ding! Ding! You are a winner!

I love all my photo albums but recently realized an album is more than an album. It’s more than photos. Every album tells a story. Any one of these albums I can open and start telling you a story of what we were doing at that trip or event or milestone.

So today I decided to rename albums. I think they should be called “Story Keepers”.

One of the new items I offer at Silver Paw Studio is an 8×8 Story Keeper. These beautiful albums can showcase around 25 of your favorite images from your portrait session. I can even print a featured image on the cover. I love how thick the pages are and the weight of it in my hands. I love that I deliver it to you in a special box.

8x8 album story keeper

But I especially love the stories the pages tell. In this session I remember the entire family including the dogs wore plaid. The dogs were so silly hoping to chase squirrels all over the park. We were blessed with a beautiful day with pretty evening light.

That’s my story from this session but I’m sure the family has many more stories they could tell.

One of the advantages of a book or an album or a “Story Keeper” is it takes no room on your wall. I am a huge fan of printing and hanging images on your wall of course. But sometimes you only have a small space. Perhaps you’re in a transition from one house to another. Maybe you choose to live tiny. Maybe you have a super open floor plan with lots windows and you may not have room to display all of your favorite images from your session. This is where a Story Keeper can fit right in with your needs. Display on a table or on a bookshelf and leaf through at your leisure. They make great treasures for you and a thoughtful gift for your friends and family.

As with everything you experience at Silver Paw Studio your Story Keepers will be customized. There are themes and colors available for any taste. When you schedule your free portrait consultation with me you will see and hold this album “Story Keeper” for yourself.


Portrait Dream Sheet

 Surrounded by Family

Now that you’ve had your pet and family portraits created what should you do with them? At your consultation with me we will have talked about some ideas but it’s easy to be overwhelmed when presented with all your beautiful images.

Important questions to ask yourself before you sit down to look through your gallery of images with me is where your portraits will be displayed in your home and who and where else you might want to have your portraits.

The first place people think is displaying framed prints and canvas wraps on their walls. Our studio has a special program that can show you your portraits on your wall. All you have to do is tape a piece of printer paper to the wall, snap a photo of the entire wall on your cell phone and text it or email it to me. Then when all of your pictures are ready to view we can see your favorites on your wall at the right size.

Now that we have your house decorated who else would like some of your new portraits? This is where a little bit of thought ahead of time comes in super handy.

Storyteller albums are about 25 of your favorite images presented in a custom album. These are great for your own home and consider giving them as gifts. They’re ideal for Mother’s or Father’s Day, birthdays, holidays like Christmas or as a surprise gift.

Often people order prints for their office or desk, parents and grandparents, and even digital copies for business. What about greeting cards? Maybe you need Christmas cards, graduation announcements, family reunion cards, save-the-date,  or birthday cards. We design custom greeting cards for any occasion.

Here is a handy Dream Sheet you can fill out before your viewing and ordering appointment. It will help you organize and prepare for who all might be on that special list to receive your portraits.

portrait product order

In this blog post once you have your prints home here’s how you can easily hang them on your wall.