Holiday Gift Guide for Animal Lovers

It’s December 11. Two weeks until Christmas. You are scrambling to brainstorm unique gifts for your animal loving friends and family. 

Don’t Panic!

My Gift Guide is here! 

From $0 up

From Colorado to the world.

Young & Old

In suspense yet? 

1.Gift Certificates.

  • Gift a full session fee of $350 which includes $100 credit toward the final order. Perfect for someone wanting a portrait session with me.
  • Gift a studio credit of $200 or $100. Perfect for someone who had a session with me this year and wants to order more!
  • Until December 20th 20% will be donated to Animal House Rescue & Grooming or Fort Collins Cat Rescue. Your choice!

2. Christmas Cards $25

  • Unique one-of-a-kind cards with a Tale on the back. Featured here is Banjo adopted from Animal House sporting his moose jammies. Let me know if you want a cat design!

3.Gift Box $25

  • Cute wooden box complete with silver photo frame, Bones Du Jour treats, shredded paper and plenty of room for gift certificates.

4.Gift of a Podcast FREE

  • Obsessed with Podcasts and want to tell the world? Gretchen Rubin and the Onward Project have created a free certificate. You fill in the blanks with the podcast you recommend and why. And include the how to find and subscribe to podcast instruction sheets. Of course I am telling everyone about Tales with Tails. Perfect gift for young and old.

Thanks for supporting a local business! Have a wonderful holiday season!


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